About Front St.

About Front St. Inc.

Front St. Inc. has established itself as a well respected professional organization with expertise in the care of adults and older adults suffering from mental health disabilities.

Founded in 1982, the agency started as a residential program for adults and older adults with mental health, developmental disabilities and dementia. The founders, Peggy and Ann Butler (mother and daughter) started in Santa Clara County and worked closely with local mental health agencies and the Department of Social Services. Together they created innovative programs to serve the needs of the community and the mentally disabled. Moving to Santa Cruz County they continued to transform their experience and expertise into successful programs for adults and elders.

More than 29 years later, Front St. now provides services to adults and older adults from five different counties throughout the California Bay Area. Services include licensed residential programs, supported housing and mental health case management for the individualized needs of our clients. Our diverse staff includes contracted psychiatrists, physicians, licensed therapists, residential counselors, coordinators, activities coordinators and dietary managers.

Front St. Inc. continues to grow and focus on developing innovative programs which meet the diverse needs of the mental health community. Our services emphasize evidence based, promising, and emerging best practices that produce outcomes congruent with personal recovery. We are dedicated to developing new programs and supportive ways that help adults and older adults overcome the challenges of aging and their unique mental health needs.

Mission Statement

In partnership with our community, Front St. Inc. provides residential services and person-centered mental health treatment that promote recovery and wellness.

Guiding Principles

Person-Centered Practices

We provide the opportunity for individuals to participate fully in their recovery and to utilize their talents, strengths, hope, resilience and inherent worth.


We embrace a complete wellness approach that includes physical, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, financial, environmental, and spiritual dimensions. We encourage and celebrate wellness by helping individuals enrich all aspects of their lives.

Relational Integrity

Respect, empathy, compassion, honesty, fairness, and dignity guide our collaboration between clients, family members, staff and community partners.


We celebrate diversity and incorporate into our practices the unique beliefs, preferences and cultures of each individual.


We adapt to the changing needs of our community by adopting innovative approaches to service delivery that incorporate best practices and result in positive outcomes.

Fiscal Responsibility

We believe fiscal responsibility is one of the most important ways we can achieve our promise to provide stability to clients and team members. It allows for excellence in service, prudent growth and the advancement of our mission.

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Available Services:

Front St. offers a wide variety of services for our clients including:

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Front St. Internships

Front St. offers clinical internships at the Masters level to individuals working towards becoming a LCSW or LMFT.

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