Front St. Internship Program

Front St. Behavioral Health Services offers three clinical internships:

  • MFT and MSW Clinical Internship
  • Psychology and Human Services Field Study
  • Psychology Field Study Internship
  • Occupational Therapy Internship

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The Internship Program at Front St. provides training and clinical supervision to pre-licensed and graduate students, Occupational Therapy students and undergraduate psychology and human services majors.

Front St. Inc is committed to providing strength-based recovery-oriented services in all aspects of its operation using evidence-based modalities. Our goal is to provide interns with a solid theoretical and experiential base that will become the foundation for future professional work in mental health. The interns will acquire the knowledge and skills to work with a variety of people with severe mental illness within the mental health system at the completion of the Internship Program training. They will develop case coordinator skills, including individual counseling and group facilitation skills. They will interface with County Mental Health and other community agencies and become familiar with documentation requirements including writing service plans and progress notes. Interns will be integrated into our interdisciplinary clinical team to enrich the experience through an interchange of ideas and perspectives.

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The Clinical Internship Program provides training and clinical supervision to pre-licensed and graduate students enrolled in an accredited University, College, or professional graduate school to obtain a post-baccalaureate degree in psychology, social work or marriage family therapy (i.e., MFT Trainees, MFT Registered Interns, MSW student interns, Associate Clinical Social Workers).

Training Structure

The clinical Internship program is designed to last 9 to 12 months based on academic requirements and agency needs. Clinical Interns are required to work between 16-24 hours a week.

Clinical Caseload and Documentation Responsibilities: (based on Part-time Trainee Status)

  • Provide support to 2-3 individuals
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate 1-2 groups
  • Process Recording, Case Presentations, and Assigned Projects
  • MediCal Billing, Progress Notes, Service Plans, and other as-needed forms

Interns will have the opportunity to train as case coordinators, group facilitators (topics sample: symptom managements, recovery and wellness), crisis work and intake assessment. They will work as part of a team in a therapeutic milieu that values recovery and wellness. They will work in an agency that integrates Wellness in all aspects of its operation using innovative evidence based modalities. They will learn and interface with county mental health and other community agencies. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of training and in-services. (E.g. psycho-education, Motivational interviews, WRAP).

Skills that students will acquire during this internship:

  • Gain knowledge and skills for working with a variety of people with severe mental illness.
  • Assessment and diagnostic skill.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Group facilitation skills.
  • Documentation skills including writing service plans and progress notes.
  • Understanding psychiatric medications and their use.
  • Case management.
  • Collaboration with support teams such as Probation, Public Guardian and Doctors.

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The Psychology and Human Services Field Study is an academic internship program offered to psychology and Human Services majors to integrate current and prior coursework with community involvement. For a minimum of two quarters, students devote 8-10 hours a week to one of FSI programs. Students are matched with a staff member with whom they complete an academic project each quarter associated with the work they are experiencing in the field. Students are supported by attending group meetings, skill building workshops, and keeping a journal.

How to apply: please contact your college Field Study program for specific details.

When you are ready to choose a site please complete the internship application and contact your program of interest directly.

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Front St.'s Occupational Therapy (OT) Internship program provides Level II fieldwork experience in Mental Health(psychosocial) for OT students enrolled in a Masters OT program.

The OT internship program is designed to provide clinical training and utilization of academic/theoretical skills into actual practice. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to experience the value of OT in community based mental health and develop competent entry level skills necessary for an Occupational Therapist in mental health. Interns will be integrated into our interdisciplinary team while enriching each other's experience through an interchange of ideas and perspectives.


Training Structure

The OT Internship Program is designed to meet national standards and academic requirements for Level II fieldwork. It is a 12 week, full-time (40 hour) immersion at the site. It includes the following weekly components:

  • Individual supervision
  • Weekly team meetings

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To apply for the Front St. Internship Program - please download and complete the application linked below. You can fax the document to the Main Office at 831-420-0136, Attn: Intern Program, or e-mail to

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Download Internship Application

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Ongoing training and skill enhancement are core values at Front St. Inc All new employees receive a comprehensive orientation and training. Extensive training is emphasizes for all employees ranging from program directors and administrators to cooks and housekeepers.

Residential Counselors and Mental Health Coordinators attend a minimum of twenty hours of in-services. The agency provided at least two agency-wide trainings per month, and in many cases, exceeded this goal. Generally there are an English and a Spanish training every month.

The trainings ranged from purely clinical to healthcare and wellness issues and included personal development trainings, trainings about the mental health system and a variety of other issues relating to behavioral health.

Speakers for the staff trainings include FSI executives and licensed staff members as well as individuals from outside community organizations such as the Santa Cruz County Medical Director, Ombudsman, and health officials.

The following list offers a glimpse at the myriad of trainings provided by FSI :

  • Strength-based and recovery-oriented services
  • Psycho-education
  • Motivational interviews
  • WRAP
  • Group facilitation
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Using Mindfulness when working with stress and anxiety
  • Understanding mental illness
  • Dual diagnosis
Front St. Internship
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