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Can you provide a quick breakdown of each of your facilities?

Of course! The following list shows a quick view of the program name, location, age group served (adult 18-59, or older adult +60), and maximum occupancy:

Drake House: Monterey, older adults, 55

Opal Cliff Residential Center: Capitola, adults, 15

Wheelock Residential Care: Watsonville, adults, 16

Front St. Residential Care: Santa Cruz, adults, 47

WRC - 1: Ben Lomond, adults, 34

WRC -2: Ben Lomond, older adults, 6

Paget Center: Santa Cruz, adults and older adults, 14


Do your programs allow the legal consumption of drugs and alcohol on-site?

No, they do not. As a space for treatment and recovery, none of the Front St. Inc. programs allow the use of legal or illegal substances on-site.

Do you allow pets?

Front St. Inc. licensed residential facilities do not allow pets. Service animals are permitted.

I'm from out of County/State, but am interested in your program. How can I apply?

Begin by contacting the Santa Cruz County Access team. Contact information and website link available under Contact Us.

Can residents transfer from one Front St. Inc. program to another?

Transferring between Front St. Inc. programs is absolutely allowed, but the move is not a guarantee - placement at a location is dependent on the collective wait-list and availability. 

How long is the wait-list for housing, either residential or supported housing?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an accurate wait-list time. Housing opportunities in both Santa Cruz and Monterey County varies, but individuals can generally anticipate waiting months-long for an available unit.  

What happens if I am accepted to a program and find that it is ultimately not the right fit for me?

Front St. Inc. offers a variety of residential settings throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey County on a voluntary basis. If a program is deemed not a right fit, the resident will have the option to search for another available program while maintaining their residence.  

What is your policy for visitors?

Per the House Policies, Front St. Inc. encourages regular family involvement and participation in activities at the facility. Residents have the right to entertain relatives and friends so long as this does not infringe upon the rights of others. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. The facility provides a common room (i.e., living or dining room or recreation room) for residents for visitation and relaxation. Visitors will be expected to SIGN-IN with staff upon arrival.

Do you accept private pay?

Front St. Inc. programs generally do not accept private pay. Please contact us with inquiries. 

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