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temporary shelter - va

With a mission to help end homelessness among Veterans, Front St. Inc. partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide additional community-based services for those in need.


Since 2012, Front St. has operated a temporary shelter available to homeless Veterans. The program, run in a home-like setting that's administered by Veterans for Veterans, is designed to help participants develop important life skills as they ready themselves to live more independently. 


At the home, Paget Center, Veterans receive an intensive up to 60 day program dedicated to bringing participants to a higher level of stability and independence. While housed, Veterans are equipped with comprehensive services ranging from on-site housing services and case management, to employment assistance, and long-term housing . Each Veteran is encouraged to utilize the on-site clinical and skill-building groups provided by the Front St. team to work towards independent living and maximize access to resources.


​Since it's opening, Paget Center has provided housing assistance and other essential services to over 350 Veterans. Paget Center has excelled at serving all Veterans, including those with complex medical and mental health needs, and assisting each participant in securing permanent housing. While residing at Paget Center, services include:

  • Initial assessment and on-going evaluation

  • A fully integrated Wellness program

  • Activity program, including meal planning and house meetings

  • Medication storage option

  • Food service (3 meals per day plus snacks)

  • Laundry unit on-site

  • Light housekeeping

  • Landscaping

  • Full-time on-site House Manager

  • Limited transportation

Case Management

At the shelter, case managers provide structured individual case management, at minimum, weekly including counseling on self-care skills, adaptive coping skills, financial planning, permanent housing search, a written care plan, and referral for financial benefits. Additional counseling may include professional and vocational rehabilitation counseling in collaboration with VA programs and community resources.


Other core functions include outreach to engage Veterans in services, assessing individual needs, arranging requisite support services (such as money management, benefit programs and job training), monitoring medication and use of services, and advocating for Veterans rights and entitlements.  Case management services include:

  • Skill development

  • Group activities

  • Stress reduction activities

  • Permanent housing search

  • Financial planning

  • Employment services

  • Linkage to legal services

  • Transportation services

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